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Need help finding someone for a prepurchase inspection of a 57 Fairlane

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  • Need help finding someone for a prepurchase inspection of a 57 Fairlane

    I am looking to purchase a 1957 Fairlane Skyliner that is with a dealer located about 40 miles southwest of Boston. I REALLY need to get an independent look at it by someone who has some experience. I've gone to AAG and organizations and neither could come up with someone who could inspect at that location. Can anyone give me some recommendations on getting this inspection? Thanks, Vern

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    Vern! I did a quick google search for ya and found a lot of Classic Auto Appraisers all over Massachusetts. BTW many years ago when I was dating my wife to be, her Father bought a brand new Fairline 500 Skylkiner Hardtop Retractable, blue and white. The weekend he bought it, it is a wonder he did not break it because the neighbors came from all around to see him put that hardtop in the trunk, and back up again. It was a Beauty for sure! Below is a list of just a few appraisers in Massachusetts. I would think that one of them should be able to evaluate that car. You might want to go into the TRL, go down to the bottom and print out the Vehicle Check List that our members came up with years ago to run against any Tbird they were considering buying. It should work well against any car you may want to buy. It can show you if that car is worth buying or one to run away from.

    Google classic auto appraisers in Massachusetts and you will find these and a lot more of them. Let me know how you make out in buying that car or not! There is the International Ford Retractable Club headquartered in Cicero, NY that you might want to check out also. They may have some leads that you can trust to evaluate that car in Massachusetts.

    Massachusetts Auto Appraisers

    New England Auto Appraisals

    Gerry Martel Certified Appraisers

    Auto Appraisal Network

    Boston Auto Appraisers

    Auto Appraisal Group
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