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A Squarebird Retractable?

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  • A Squarebird Retractable?

    Alexander posted a picture years ago of what appears to be a Squarebird with a retractable roof on it. I meant to ask Ben Smith about this the other day and forgot to. I just talked with him and asked him if he knew of any attempt by the Ford Company to put a retractable top on a Squarebird. I told him of the picture we have, which shows what appears to be a retractable roof on a Squarebird. He said that there was no attempt by Ford to put a retractable top on a Squarebird. However... He did say there were private companies who DID put retractable tops on Edsels. He knows of three Edsels that have his top installed on them. He said it was entirely possible that someone also added one to a Squarebird. I will post this picture so that those of you who have never seen it before will get a chance to see it perhaps for the first time. It appears to me that there are a bunch of "suits" in the background, and not a bunch of mechanics standing around. This says to me that it appears there were a bunch of engineers and perhaps other "Ford" type people who were discussing this car. Maybe someone at Ford did consider putting the retractable top on a Squarebird but decided against it. The pic even has "Ford Motor CO." on it! We may never know, but this sure looks like a retractable top on this Tbird to me! Here is the pic.
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    But "back then" a lot of folks wore a suit to the grocery store........

    Very interesting conversation piece and unless more documents show up somewhere your probably right Ray - we'll never know. May be something similar to the pic of the flip up roof prototype on the main page.

    Can anyone id that truck? Is that a funky looking headlight setup on the passenger side? If its a Ford truck then it makes sense that the Squarebird may have been a prototype that never found it's way to production.

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