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Marti Auto Works Reports & CTCI '55-'57 Tbird Invoice Availability

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  • Marti Auto Works Reports & CTCI '55-'57 Tbird Invoice Availability

    Marti Auto Works

    The ONLY licensee to Ford Motor Company's entire production database for the 1967-2017 model years.

    Marti Reports are currently available for all Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles built in the United States or Canada 1967-2017. Unfortunately, data is not available for vehicle 1966 and earlier. We do have some Ford Original Invoices for 1962 through 1966 Thunderbirds. Check our Original Invoice page to see a complete list of available Ford Original Invoices.

    Lois Eminger worked for Ford Motor Company. Being a car person herself, she wisely asked that she be able to keep batches of invoices that Ford was preparing to destroy. These invoices included some of the most popular cars of the 60s and 70s. Marti Auto Works has now purchased these invoices and is making them available to rightful owners of cars. View Sample

    We only have what is in the following list. No other invoices are available, so please don't ask. If we knew of anyone that had them, we'd tell you. If your car is not on the list below, but it is a 67-12 model, consider one of our Marti Reports.

    If you happen to be a 55-57 Thunderbird owner, please contact the Classic Thunderbird Club International at CTCI as they may be able to help you with those year invoices. After all, they are the reason Lois started all of this. We all fondly remember her as the "Pink Lady" and she had a beautiful Dusk Rose 57 Thunderbird. SEE NOTE BELOW REGARDING CTICI 1955-1957 INVOICE AVAILABILITY...

    These are the original documents that were used by Ford for billing to the dealer. They contain the complete option list and, generally, the wholesale and retail costs of the base vehicle, all options, and shipping. The original dealer the vehicle was shipped to is also included on the invoice along with the trim code, date the invoice was prepared, and several other items.

    Regarding the CTCI, here is what is posted on their website regarding the availability of 1955-1957 Tbird Invoices...

    Classic Thunderbird Club International has almost all 1956 and 1957 invoices and some 1955 invoices – from Serial No. 232214 on. They are available to C.T.C.I. members at a cost of only $50.00 each (California Residents $54.75 including sales tax). The original invoice will be provided when available. Otherwise a photocopy of the original will be sent.
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