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Manifold painting

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  • Manifold painting

    I am going to take off the inlet manifold to replace the gaskets and repaint it.
    It looks like the hot exhaust gas going through it burnt the paint. Hoepfully the restricted gaskets I ordered will help there.

    I need to sand blast the manifold. Is there any care to consider or is it just that easy to remove all "sand" that may get inside? Or is it better to tape the ports to prevent "sand" inside?
    I assume I won't sand blast the carburetor base?
    I removed the water pump part that is bolted on the front of the manifold but did not ordered a gasket. Is gasket compound will do fine there?
    And I don't see how to remove the 2 tubes that are screwed into th emanifold and pictured below.

    Thern I didn't ordered the gaskets that goes under the plate that is located under the manifold. How good are the chances that I can save the cork gasket? WOndering if it's wise to take it off for repaint as the edges are a bit damaged but it will be hidden so...

    What needs to be painted orange?
    Bolt's heads, the blocks underneath the middle bolts, the 3/4" hose in the front going to water pump (I have seen some painted, some not painted), ...
    Also what color is the oil pan supposed to be?
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    Well the manifold is now painted as the forum was down for a few days.
    I painted the manifold only, left the hoses in black, made the bolts and washers in a bath of zinc.
    Just have to finish the carb and put it on. Hopefully it will voice again tomorrow.


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      Hey, Eric! Curious how's the paint holding up.


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        I had to remove the manifold again this year as the choke heater tube failed.
        Got a tube, wrong one, waiting for the right one.
        As for the paint, it "seems" to be changing in color over the exhaust ports, a bit more dark, maybe cooked. Could be some marks made while working on it. I tried to clean but need to find a cleaner that won't remove the paint !
        I may apply a new light coat over the old (1 year) paint...
        Not sure how many miles I put on her in the meantime. Not a lot...