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Weak Trunk Hinge Springs

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  • Weak Trunk Hinge Springs

    Hi everyone,
    I'm still new to the Little Birds world and working with my '57. Of many things I am trying to repair, my trunk won't stay open all the way. I see that the hing springs are available (and inexpensive!). Has had experience removing and replacing these springs? What's the best way without losing a finger??


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    I had to get a strong younger friend to pull on and remove the spring with a large pair of pliers with the hinge held in a large vise. I bought a set of '56 and '57 repro springs and had problems that both sets of springs would try to jump off the hinges when operated. Ended up with a set of used springs that stayed on.
    I also have a '57 and I believe the real problem with not staying open was caused from body work that added weight to the trunk lid. Springs are very dangerous. We ran some tie wire through the springs that held them captive to hinge assly to keep them from flying loose and injuring us.


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      Hi Wade! Thanks for the rundown on how you had to remove and replace the trunk springs. I see the repro springs gave you problems but a set of used springs stayed in place. The added weight to the trunk lid might have caused the problem. I had the same problem with my '59 Squarebird when I owned it. I had that big cardboard backed vinyl covered Tbird installed on the inner trunk lid when I customized Yellow Rose. It also added some weight to the trunk lid. Thanks also for the safety tip on how you held the springs in place. Yup, they can fly loose and cause serious injury if one is not careful.

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        Thanks for the experience sharing. Sounds like had to remove the hinges to make this repair. So much for my dream of simply popping them off with the trunk propped up. Good tip on the safety idea too.