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  • Fender gaskets

    On my 56 there is the remains of a rubber like "gasket" that goes around the fender, near the upper arm probably to limit water and dust entering the engine bay area.
    I can not find it with vendors. Anybody knows who has it?


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    I believe NPD ( National Part Depot ) shows it in their catalogue .


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      There are several places where this material is used. Normally they are stapled in place. I use contact cement to place the rubber. Then I poke stainless steel wire through the existing staple holes in a 'U' like a home made staple. Then I curl the ends using needle nose pliers. The curls give a 'spring action' that holds the new 'staples' in place. If the holes aren't there, drill them through the steel and the rubber. Here are some areas where this rubber is found:
      • Under the bumpers, stapled to the steel valance,
      • At each fender apron opening just over the upper suspension arm,
      • Along the cowl top just under the hood (called windlace)
      • Along the window glass channel as an 'apron' that flops over covering the electric motor. This deflects rain down the outside glass surface and over the motor to keep it dry.
      • At the base of the steering column where it goes through the firewall.
      The material I use is, 45 Mil EDPM rubber pond liner. At the time I bought, Home Depot was selling it by the foot (off of a 5' roll) in the Garden Dept. It reminds me of inner tube but made tougher. You might try a pool or pond place by your house. I see it for sale online but they want to sell way more than you need. A foot or so off the end of the roll is all you want. - Dave
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        Check with Dennis Carpenter. I think you are looking for Front fender apron shields, probably part # 16240. These attached to the inner fender panel right over the upper A Arm.
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