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Ways To View The Forum!


  • Ways To View The Forum!

    There are many changes in the way our Forum can be viewed with this new version. Here are some tips that we are finding that you may want to put to good use.

    You can view the Forum from the Blue Forums button. Or you can move your mouse and click on Latest Activity. If you do that, you will see two different ways of viewing the Forum, with different layouts. What John and I have found is, depending on which option you may chose, it can and has changed the settings of our User ID from what we did have them set as, to different settings than what we wanted them set as... John in particular, has been bugged by this all a long, and I have to while we experiment with different settings for our User ID's. Our new VB seems to have a lot of additional ways to look at things, and they are not always what we are used to.

    What seems to work for me is to stay in one View, that of the Blue Forums. I stopped using Latest Activity, because I can see anything I want to in FORUMS without having to click on Latest Activity or over on the right Latest Topics. As I have mentioned in a previous ACTIVITY post, FORUMS shows you the latest activity in a Thread/Forum, with a Blue "Thought" Bubble lit up. When you click on the link for that sub-Forum, it shows you every Thread in it AND IF there is a new Post you have not viewed, the little Page Icon next to it will be lit Blue, along with the title of that Post! Until AFTER you read it, and then the Blue goes away, indicating a read has been done.

    Dave, John and I continue to explore, adjust, and sometimes puzzle over what all we are seeing, but we are working on it constantly, and as we find things we believe need to be adjusted we will let you know here.

    Remember to click on the ACTIVITIES button on a regular basis to review what is being posted in it regarding fixes or changes to the way of viewing this FORUM.
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