Some of the additional pictures I was emailed before I saw her in person.

Looks Pretty good So Far at Night, Chrome looks incredible and body seems straight so far... Look at that Bumper

Seats still had the ORIGINAL Seat Covers On them... Back seat is MINT as you can see. slight sag of the dash pad is seen!

Back end is perfect and well as the quarter panels.. Paint looks good too, slight fading on the passenger side!

Bad sag on the dash pad, as evident on most Squarebirds! Soon I was to learn what all those little yellow crumbs were all over?

The engine was dirty, and has sat many years, but she was original& ran beautiful!! Notice the Motorcraft Voltage Regulator & Battery!

***DO YOU SEE the 1960 LINCOLN Air Cleaner. YES Original and Pulled from stock during Assembly..(It will be Replaced with the correct one)

**Both the Thunderbird and the Lincoln were made at the WIXOM Plant.

This is what we saw that day in person....A real beauty that didn't need a lot of work if really any at all!

Ok.......SOLD!!!! I'll take it!

Well 4 days later she was on a transport and headed to here new home in Wauconda Il..Arriving late at night we were ready to welcome her!!

Nice and easy and there we go!! "BERNADINE" now has a new Home!!


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