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   A typical story that never happened to me, until a few weeks ago. Driving to work day after day, passing a small auto repair shop

 in the high desert of Southern California. One morning a really sharp 1960 Thunderbird showed up behind the fence of the shop. Every morning I drove by thinking, man

what a nice looking old T-Bird.  Sure enough one morning , a  For Sale sign appeared in the side window.  I hit the brakes with both feet. I thought for sure I would be let

down by an out of reach sale price.   The sign read “ New Motor, Brakes, Tires, Carb and Tune up”  “$3,800 or Best offer”.  It was 5 in the morning so calling the number

 would be out of the question at this time of day. I could not wait for a decent hour to arrive.  I called the number and within a few hours I drove the car home.

So it begins one by one, piece by piece every thing is coming together. The Radio was a simple matter of plugging in the antenna lead to get working. The Steering wheel was

The only missing original piece replaced by the correct one on Ebay.  A Granada Disk brake conversion is being put together now. A new exhaust system  has been installed.

 I truly love my new found ride and already Squarebirds.org has been the answer to many questions not found in the manuals I have acquired.  More to come!!!


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