Golde Factory Power Sunroof on a 1960 Thunderbird- Restoration by Kevin Nicholls

This is how the roof works you have the motor mounted above the drivers sunvisor under the headliner,it then drives a flexible drive shaft.

The main drive shaft is held in by two small bolts under the metal hump, inside it is a worm drive which drives a small cog.

Drive cable mounting area viewed from top.

Inside the metal hump housing the drive cables that glide the roof forward and back as the cables have a worm drive and as the cog turns it moves the cables forward and back.

On the sliding panel you will note the power roof has the same height adjusters at the front of the panel, to set the height on the rear panel this is done on the sliders on the rear of the cables.
If you look at the sliders when they are in the raised position you will see a small nut that slides up and down that sets your rear height on the panel.
The sliding panel headliner is held in the same as the manual roof.
The cables are inside the steel guide rails that the roof slides on, a brilliant but simple design. You will see also on the rear of the sliding panel the two small tunnels that the sliders poke into.

The Bosch motor that drives the sunroof. Label states "KM7Q/6E0 (12V), Bosch Germany, (Imported) Allamagne"

Kevin in the original 1960 Thunderbird donor car - Serial Number-0Y71J149127 .


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