Golde Factory Power Sunroof on a 1960 Thunderbird

Paul Phillips Jr. sent some interesting pictures of what may be a factory power sunroof on a 1960 Thunderbird. It is documented that Golde Company, the supplier of the sunroofs for the 1960 Thunderbird, did make electric power sunroofs, but it has never been documented that any Thunderbirds were built with a power sunroof . The brochures for the 1960 Thunderbird only show that a manual sunroof could be ordered for the Thunderbird for 212 dollars. Is it possible that someone special ordered a power operated one?

Dave S., who owns the car in question says that the cutout for the power sunroof is different than the manual sunroof, as it has an indentation for the motor that moves the sunroof. He says that the whole assembly appears to be factory. It does not appear that the roof just had a hole cut out and then had the sunroof assembly inserted as would have been in the aftermarket. It may be that this car is a one of a kind. It may have even been a prototype of a future power sunroof option. Photos of 1958 and 1959 Thunderbirds with Golde sunroofs have been documented, though unfortunately none of the actual cars appear to have survived.

This power sunroof car was built with most of the options including a 430 V8, automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, power windows, power drivers seat , factory air, tinted glass, and seat belts. Possibly, the person who ordered this car wanted the ultimate 1960 Thunderbird. The data plate reads: Serial Number-0Y71J149127 Body-63A Color-A Trim-86 Date-14D Trans-4 Axle-8.

The motor of the sunroof in this car is a Bosch motor, a German brand, which may have been the supplier for the German Golde Company. The wiring and connections look like period pieces, so this roof was installed when the car was new.

Has anyone else seen or even heard of a factory power sunroof? The build sheet of this car has not been found and may not be found since the car is located in a New Hampshire salvage yard exposed to the elements and is not in very good condition.

If anyone else has any more information please contact the webmaster.

The top of the sunroof showing the cables that attach to the roof, similar to Volkswagen with a crank sunroof.
The screws that held the wind deflector are there but no deflector.


The inside of the sunroof showing the bracket with nylon bushing that supports the drive cable. There is no evidence of a locking handle on the inside of the roof.


The motor, drive cable, gear drive and switch.


The motor.


The motor internals.


Cable and drive gear.


On the left, the switch from the car . On the right, the switch shown in the1962 Golde brochure of its sunroofs.

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