1960 Squarebird Wixom Daily Production Numbers

1959 T-bird build out Completed on August 21, 1959.

1959 FoMoCo build outs, completed as follows -

Ford cars 8/27; T-bird 8/21, Mercury 8/28, Edsel 8/26, Lincoln 8/21

1960 Thunderbird daily production - S=Scheduled  P=Produced  exp=Export

Note that Wixom often did not run their production line on Saturdays.
They rarely ran it on Sunday, but at times, they did. The work week started on Monday's. Monthly totals include the Export numbers.

September 1959
W 9/9/1959    S    P    Export
T-bird-------172-190--0 exp
Th 9/10/59
T-bird-------180-219--0 exp
F 9/11/59
T-bird-------184-218--0 exp

M 9/14/59
T-bird-------192-217--0 exp
T 9/15/59
T-bird-------172-190--0 exp
W 9/16/59
T-bird-------208-208--1 exp
Th 9/17/59
T-bird-------216-194-22 exp
F 9/18/59
T-bird-------224-150--4 exp

M 9/21/59
T-bird-------224-237-10 exp
T 9/22/59
T-bird-------224-226--6 exp
W 9/23/59
T-bird-------224-231--9 exp
Th 9/24/59
T-bird-------224-221--6 exp
F 9/25/59
T-bird-------224-239--5 exp

M 9/28/59
T-bird-------232-264--2 exp
T 9/29/59
T-bird-------232-233--1 exp
W 9/30/59
T-bird-------232-232--2 exp

September totals-T-Bird prod. 3,469 BU-Export-68-Monthly Total-3,537

October 1959
Th 10/01/59
T-bird-------232-204--3 exp
F 10/02/59
T-bird-------232-244--1 exp
S 10/03/59 (report missing)

M 10/05/59
T-bird-------240-227--1 exp
T 10/06/59
T-bird-------240-241--0 exp
W 10/07/59
T-bird-------240-230--4 exp
Th 10/08/59
T-bird-------240-268--5 exp
F 10/09/59
T-bird-------240-264-10 exp

M 10/12/59
T-bird-------200-205--8 exp
T 10/13/59
T-bird-------300-302--6 exp
W 10/14/59
T-bird-------200-286--2 exp
Th 10/15/59
T-bird-------300-242-11 exp
F 10/16/59
T-bird-------300-238--8 exp
S 10/17/59
T-bird-------240---0--0 exp

M 10/19/59
T-bird-------300-302--9 exp
T 10/20/59
T-bird-------300-467--7 exp
W 10/21/59
T-bird-------300-301--4 exp
Th 10/22/59
T-bird-------300-301-10 exp
F 10/23/59
T-bird-------300-302--7 exp
S 10/24/59
T-bird-------240-246--2 exp

M 10/26
T-bird-------300-303--1 exp
T 10/27
T-bird-------300-304--4 exp
W 10/28
T-bird-------300-297-10 exp
Th 10/29
T-bird-------300-299--3 exp
F 10/30
T-bird-------300-302-13 exp

October totals-T-Bird prod. 6,375 BU-Export-129-Monthly Total-6,504-YTD-10,041-Export-197

November 1959
M 11/02/59
T-bird-------300-203-12 exp
T 11/03/59
T-bird-------300-302--8 exp
W 11/04/59
T-bird-------300-302--4 exp
Th 11/05/59
T-bird-------300-306--3 exp
F 11/06/59
T-bird-------300-296--7 exp
S 11/07/59
T-bird-------240-243--0 exp

M 11/09/59 (Report missing)
T 11/10/59
T-bird-------300-303--4 exp
W 11/11
T-bird-------300-300--3 exp
Th 11/12
T-bird-------300-300--2 exp
F 11/13
T-bird-------300-256--7 exp

M 11/16/59 (Report missing)
T 11/17/59
T-bird-------300-300--0 exp
W 11/18/59
T-bird-------300-302--0 exp
Th 11/19/59
T-bird-------300-303--2 exp
F 11/20/59
T-bird-------300-301--0 exp
S 11/21/59
T-bird-------240-244--0 exp

M 11/23/59
T-bird-------300-303--1 exp
T 11/24/59
T-bird-------300-302--2 exp
W 11/25/59
T-bird-------300-301--1 exp
Th 11/26/59 (Thanksgiving day)
F 11/27/59
T-bird-------300-302--1 exp
S 11/28/59
T-bird-------240-277--1 exp

M 11/30
T-bird-------300-307--0 exp

November totals-T-Bird prod. 6,053 BU-Export-58-Monthly Total-6,111-YTD-16,152-Export-255

December 1959
T 12/01/59
T-bird-------306-325--0 exp
W 12/02/59
T-bird-------307-314--0 exp
Th 12/03/59
T-bird-------310-314-16 exp
F 12/04//59
T-bird-------305-297-11 exp
S 12/05/59
T-bird-------52-264-12 exp

M 12/07/59
T-bird-------300-306--2 exp
T 12/08/59
T-bird-------300-304-12 exp
W 12/09/59
T-bird-------300-304-10 exp
Th 12/10/59
T-bird-------300-303--5 exp
F 12/11/59
T-bird-------300-305--2 exp
S 12/12/59
T-bird-------240-245--2 exp

M 12/14/59
T-bird-------300-302--2 exp
T 12/15/59
T-bird-------300-305--0 exp
W 12/16/59
T-bird-------300-304--0 exp
Th 12/17/59
T-bird-------300-304--1 exp
F 12/18/59
T-bird-------300-304--1 exp

S 12/19/59
T-bird-------240-245--0 exp
M 12/21/59
T-bird-------300-303--5 exp
T 12/22/59
T-bird-------300-304--0 exp
W 12/23/59
T-bird-------300-303--0 exp
Th 12/24/59
T-bird-------120-122--0 exp
F 12/25/59 (Christmas Day)

M 12/28/59
T-bird-------300-304--0 exp
T 12/29/59
T-bird-------300-310--0 exp
W 12/30/59
T-bird-------300-305--1 exp
Th 12/31/59
T-bird-------120-121-10 exp

December totals-T-Bird prod. 7,117 BU-Export-92-Monthly Total-7,209 YTD-23,361-Export-347

At the start of the new year, someone changed the format in the way the daily schedule and production was reported.

1960 Thunderbird daily production - S=Scheduled  P=Produced  exp=Export
Jan.1960--S ----- P ---- Export
M 1/4----311----301----w/12 exp
T 1/5-----311----313----w/6 exp
W 1/6----311----318----w/1 exp
TH 1/7---311----318----w/1 exp
F 1/8-----311----318----w/13 exp
S 1/9-----249----245----w/12 exp

M 1/11---311----314----w/10 exp
T 1/12----311----297----w/12 exp
W 1/13---311----318----w/10 exp
TH 1/14--311----316----w/13 exp
F 1/15----311----313----w/3 exp
S 1/16----249----254----w/1 exp

M 1/18---311----314----w/12 exp
T 1/19----311----317----w/4 exp
W 1/20---312----316----w/9 exp
TH 1/21--312---317----w/3 exp
F 1/22----312----316----w/1 exp
S 1/23----249----255----w/0 exp

M 1/25---312----316----w/0 exp
T 1/26----312----318----w/6 exp
W 1/27---312----316----w/4 exp
TH 1/28-312----315----w/2 exp
F 1/29---312----318-----w/0 exp
S 1/30---249----255-----w/0 exp

January totals-T-Bird prod. 7,298 BU-Export-135 Monthly Total-7,433-YTD-30,794-Export-482

February 1960
M 2/1---308----314-----w/0 exp
T 2/2----308----306-----w/3 exp
W 2/3---309----315----w/9 exp
TH 2/4--309----308----w/8 exp
F 2/5----308----310----w/2 exp
S 2/6----246----251----w/2 exp

M 2/8---308----313----w/0 exp
T 2/9----309----299----w/2 exp
W 2/10--309----314----w/14 exp
TH 2/11-308----320----w/24 exp
F 2/12---0--------0---------0
S 2/13---0--------0---------0
SU 2/14-193---164----w/4 exp

M 2/15---241----252----w/6 exp
W 2/17---242----249----w/3 exp
TH 2/18--234----249----w/1 exp
F 2/19---235-----246----w/0 exp
S 2/20---187-----194----w/0 exp

M 2/22--235----242----w/1 exp
T 2/23---235----250----w/0 exp
W 2/24--235----242----w/0 exp
TH 2/25-234---235----w/4 exp
F 2/26---234----247----w/7 exp
S 2/27---187----209----w/2 exp

M 2/29--323----343----w/5 exp

February totals-T-Bird prod. 6,172 BU-Export-97 Monthly Total-6,269-YTD-37,063-Export-575

March 1960
T 3/1-----338---359-----w/2 exp
W 3/2----340---379-----w/4 exp
TH 3/3---340---377-----w/2 exp
F 3/4-----340---397-----w/14 exp
S 3/5-------0-----0-----------0

M 3/7----380----398-----w/5 exp
T 3/8-----380----400-----w/9 exp
W 3/9----380----402-----w/8 exp
TH 3/10-380----402-----w/1 exp
F 3/11----380----406-----w/2 exp
S 3/12-----0-------0-----------0

M 3/14--404----408-----w/0 exp
T 3/15---404----414-----w/1 exp
W 3/16--404----358-----w/4 exp
TH 3/17-404----410-----w/0 exp
F 3/18---404----412-----w/0 exp
S 3/19-----0-------0-----------0

M 3/21--404----415-----w/1 exp
T 3/22---404----407-----w/0 exp
W 3/23--405----413-----w/0 exp
TH 3/24-406----411-----w/0 exp
F 3/25---405----413-----w/0 exp
S 3/26-----0-------0----------0

M 3/28---406----410-----w/0 exp
T 3/29----405----414-----w/10 exp
W 3/30---406----415-----w/2 exp
TH 3/31--405----414-----w/2 exp

March totals-T-Bird prod. 9,234 BU-Export-67 Monthly Total-9,301-YTD-46,364-Export-646

April 1960
F 4/1-----400----415------w/0 exp
S 4/2-----0--------0------------0

M 4/4----400----412-----w/9 exp
T 4/5-----400----418-----w/10 exp
W 4/6----400----424-----w/4 exp
TH 4/7---400----413-----w/3 exp
F 4/8-----400----402-----w/15 exp
S 4/9------0-------0------------0

M 4/11---400----407-----w/5 exp
T 4/12----400----409-----w/0 exp
W 4/13---400----409-----w/0 exp
TH 4/14--400----413-----w/0 exp
F 4/15-----0------0------------0
S 4/16-----0------0------------0

M 4/18---430----434-----w/0 exp
T 4/19----430----446-----w/0 exp
W 4/20---430----445-----w/0 exp
TH 4/21--438----448-----w/0 exp
F 4/22----439----450-----w/1 exp
S 4/23----0--------0-----------0

M 4/25---438----450-----w/0 exp
T 4/26----439----450-----w/0 exp
W 4/27---438----449-----w/6 exp
TH 4/28--439----449-----w/2 exp
F 4/29----438----450-----w/3 exp
S 4/30------0-------0----------0

April totals-T-Bird prod. 8,593 BU-Export-58 Monthly Total-8,651-YTD-55,015-Export-704

May 1960
M 5/2----431----449-----w/9 exp
T 5/3-----431----441-----unk exp
W 5/4----431----444-----w/6 exp
TH 5/5---431----445-----w/5 exp
F 5/6-----431----451-----w/1 exp
S 5/7------0-------0----------0

M 5/9----431----446-----w/0 exp
T 5/10---431----442-----w/4 exp
W 5/11--431----447-----w/10 exp
TH 5/12-431---448------w/7 exp
F 5/13---431---451-----w/18 exp
S 5/14-----0-------0-----------0

M 5/16---431----443-----w/7 exp
T 5/17----431----445-----w/3 exp
W 5/18---431----445-----w/0 exp
TH 5/19--431----443-----w/1 exp
F 5/20----431----442-----w/0 exp
S 5/21----431----442-----w/0 exp

M 5/23---431----442-----w/0 exp
T 5/24----431----445-----w/0 exp
W 5/25---431----445-----w/0 exp
TH 5/26--431----444-----w/0 exp
F 5/27----430----440-----w/9 exp
S 5/28------0-------0----------0

M 5/30---No Report
T 5/31---430----441-----w/5 exp

May totals-T-Bird prod. 9,340 BU-Export-85 Monthly Total-9,425-YTD-64,440-Export-784

June 1960
W 6/1----451----449-----w/1 exp
TH 6/2---452----451-----w/0 exp
F 6/3-----452----446----- w/0 exp
S 6/4-------0------0------------0

M 6/6----451----453-----w/8 exp
T 6/7-----452----452-----w/0 exp
W 6/8----452----449-----w/0 exp
TH 6/9---451----452-----w/2 exp
F 6/10----452----453-----w/12 exp
S 6/11------0-------0----------0

M 6/13---452----450-----w/7 exp
T 6/14----451----454-----w/1 exp
W 6/15---452----453-----w/0 exp
TH6 /16--452----449-----w/1 exp
F 6/17----451----451-----w/0 exp
S 6/18------0-------0----------0

M 6/20---452----452-----w/9 exp
T 6/21----452----447-----w/5 exp
W 6/22---451----450-----w/0 exp
TH 6/23--452----451-----w/5 exp
F 6/24----452----453-----w/5 exp
S 6/25------0-------0----------0

M 6/27---451----445-----w/0 exp
T 6/28----452----455-----w/1 exp
W 6/29---452----456-----w/0 exp
TH 6/30--451----451-----w/0 exp

June totals-T-Bird prod. 9,922 BU-Export-57 YTD-Monthly Total-9,979-YTD-74,419-Export-841

July 1960
F 7/1----427----457-----w/1 exp
S 7/2------0-------0----------0
SU 7/3----0-------0----------0

M 7/4-----0-------0----------0
T 7/5-- ---0-------0----------0
W 7/6-----0-------0----------0
TH 7/7----0-------0---------0
F 7/8------0-------0----------0
S 7/9------0-------0----------0

M 7/11----0-------0----------0
T 7/12-----0-------0----------0
W 7/13----0-------0----------0
TH 7/14---0-------0----------0
F 7/15-----0-------0----------0
S 7/16-----0-------0----------0

M 7/18--427---435-----w/0 exp
T 7/19---427---451-----w/1 exp
W 7/20--424---454-----w/2 exp
TH 7/21-424---453-----w/5 exp
F 7/22---424---449------w/2 exp
S 7/23-----0------0-----------0

M 7/25--423---441------w/4 exp
T 7/26---423---452------w/2 exp
W 7/27--423---450------w/1 exp
TH 7/28-423---450------w/2 exp
F 7/29---423---447------w/2 exp
S 7/30-----0------0-----------0

July totals-T-Bird prod. 4,939 BU-Export-22-Monthly Total-4,961-YTD-79,380-Export-863

August 1960
M 8/1----452----448-----w/0 exp
T 8/2-----452----450-----w/2 exp
W 8/3----453----450-----w/4 exp
TH 8/4---452----449-----w/1 exp
F 8/5-----452----449-----w/0 exp
S 8/6-------0-------0----------0

M 8/8----453----449-----w/1 exp
T 8/9-----452----448-----w/1 exp
W 8/10--452----454-----w/8 exp
TH 8/11-453----451-----w/4 exp
F 8/12---452----453-----w/0 exp
S 8/13-----0-------0----------0

M 8/15--452----453-----w/0 exp
T 8/16---453----453-----w/0 exp
W 8/17--452----453-----w/1 exp
TH 8/18-452----452-----w/0 exp
F 8/19---447----453-----w/2 exp
S 8/20-----0-------0----------0

M 8/22---447----453-----w/0 exp
T 8/23----447----452-----w/0 exp
W 8/24---447----453-----w/3 exp
TH 8/25--447----448-----w/17 exp
F 8/26----447----450-----w/6 exp
S 8/27------0-------0----------0

M 8/29--448----445-----w/13 exp
T 8/30---478----459-----w/6 exp
W 8/31--478----491-----w/2 exp

August totals-T-Bird prod. 10,416 BU-Export-71-Monthly Total-10,487-YTD-89,867-Export-934
Lincoln build out 8/30, 24,820 units produced

September 1960
T 9/1----495----493-----w/31 exp
F 9/2----493----489-----w/24 exp

M 9/5 Labor Day
T 9/6----498----499-----w/13 exp
W 9/7---499----501-----w/3 exp
TH 9/8--498----331---------*
F 9/9----303----144---------Build Out - Production Run Completed

September totals-T-Bird prod. 2,457 BU-Export-71-Monthly Total-2,528-YTD-92,395-including Export-1,005
Thunderbird build out 9/9/60 , 92,843 units produced

There is a -448 vehicle difference. possibly due to several missing reports or erroneous data.

*9/8/60 Wixom Plant worked less than scheduled hours to allow for 4 hours work on 1960 model balance out on 9-9-60.

Note: Not until March, 1960 did the daily schedule call for 400+ cars to be manufactured daily. That schedule was usually met or exceeded on a daily basis through the rest of the production cycle. There was never a day when 500 or more cars were scheduled for production. Only in the last few days of the production run were 490+ cars scheduled. Only on September the 7th did the plant produce 500 or more cars. There were 501 cars run through the line on that date.

Notice that there were 16 days in July that the plant produced no 1960 Tbirds at all, according to the records. It was because they were ahead of schedule, down for line maintenance, or parts restocking, or a combination of those reasons.

The above information was provided to me by a good friend of the Forum.

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