1960 Thunderbird Convertible 1/18 Scale Diecast
by Sun Star

This model by Sun Star was released in 2005. It is still currently available. It retails for about $26. It is available in Corinthian White with a red leather interior, Monte Carlo Red with a tan leather interior, Raven Black with a tan leather interior or Acapulco Blue with a black leather interior. A neat feature of this model is that a continental kit can be easily added or removed from the rear bumper. The detailing is nice. This is a model of a fully optioned convertible including air-conditioning, power windows and spotlight. The model has the chrome dress-up kit which is correct for 352 engine but the voltage regulator cover should be chromed not the A/C compressor. The wheel covers have the optional red white and blue deluxe Sun Ray appliqué, but with a Thunderbird symbol in the middle instead of the correct Ford lion. Inexplicably, a modern battery is intrinsically detailed in the engine bay instead of the correct Ford Power Punch tar top battery. The biggest criticism I have of this model is the oversized door hinges. If the real car had door hinges that protruded so far into the passenger compartment, sitting in this car would have been difficult and closing the door would have been simply dangerous.

For the money you get a very nice model that displays well.

Front three-quarter view

Rear three-quarter view

Car showing all the opening features. Note there is no convertible top or mechanism, nor is there a spare tire or jack.

Detailed engine compartment. The only detraction is the modern Motorcraft battery and chromed A/C compressor.

The removable continental spare is innovative feature.

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