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These are webpages of our members showing their cars and restoration projects. They are Thunderbird enthusiasts.

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2002 Thunderbird 49effie's Webpage- check out Kevin's 1959 Thunderbird convertible.


2002 Thunderbird 63tbirdrick's Webpage- check out Rick's 1960 Thunderbird Hardtop with a custom vinyl roof..


2002 Thunderbird astrowing's Webpage- check out Lucille, Jim's 1958 Thunderbird Hardtop.  Jim is our 'Charging System' man.


2002 Thunderbird BlackBird58's Webpage- check out Mel's 1958 Thunderbird Hard Top. His article on installing the tach is included here.


2002 Thunderbird byersmtrco's Webpage- check out John's 1960 Thunderbird convertible.


2002 Thunderbird Ca58tbird's Webpage- check out Jed Zimmerman's 1958 Thunderbird Hardtop.


2002 Thunderbird HenryFord's Webpage- check out the story of Henry Ball's1960 Thunderbird

2002 Thunderbird Jimz Bird's Webpage- check out Jimz 1956 Thunderbird.


2002 Thunderbird JohnG's Webpage- check out the story of John G's 1958 Thunderbird and the saga of his engine rebuild.


2002 Thunderbird John Orwin's Webpage- check out John's 1960 Thunderbird Hardtop.


2002 Thunderbird Keith's Webpage- check out Keith's 1959 Thunderbird Hardtop. Keith is our Sheetmetal Man.


2002 Thunderbird msmaron's Webpage- check out the story of Mark Maron's1960 Thunderbird


2002 Thunderbird PeaveyT_40's Webpage- check out Michel Curi, jr's1959 Thunderbird with the very rare option of 3-Speed Manual with Overdrive


2002 Thunderbird roadpatrol's Webpage- check out Rick's black 1960 Thunderbird.


2002 Thunderbird tarps3's Webpage- check out Casey's 1960 Thunderbird hardtop.


2002 Thunderbird Travlin's Webpage- Dedicated to his 1958 Thunderbird hardtop restoration.


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