1960 Thunderbird Golde Top (Sun roof) Japanese Tin Model
by Bandai

These are a few pictures of a unusual model.

These two models are period models made by Bandai Company, a major Japanese manufacturer of tin toys in the post WWII era. They are are fine quality, highly detailed and include a working sliding manual sunroof, just like the actual car. The cars have a friction drive motor in the rear. This is the only known type of model of the unique 1960 Thunderbird Golde Top. Note that the black body model has the correct outside trim and even the correct interior with the 1960 only Thunderbird emblem on the package tray. Note the wheel cover are not correct - they are from a 1958 Thunderbird. The previous issue by Bandai was a 1958 Thunderbird.

The red model is in poor shape, but it is shown because instead of "1960" on the rear license plate, it reads "FORD." This is probably a post-1960 version. This is also probably the newer model, because it has an addition of tabs on the sunroof rails to prevent the sunroof from sliding back too far. The sunroof on the red body model was taken from the black body model. The sunroofs probably all matched the roofs as as on the actual cars.

If anyone has information on this model or pictures of other variations of this model, please e-mail the webmaster. Any pictures and information on other 1958-1960 Thunderbird models of any type would also be appreciated.

Front View: Note great detail such as separate bumper guards and fender ornaments. Interior is stamped steel.

Rear view: Note detail of T-Bird emblem on package tray - a 1960 only feature on the actual car.

Side View: Note car has proper 1960 trim on rear fenders and roof, but incorrect 1958 Thunderbird wheel covers.

Top View: Sunroof is in closed position(Note sunfroof should be same color as the rest of the roof). Model has plastic film in windshield and backlight.

Underside - Note it states Ford Thunderbird, but no date. It also shows a stylized "B" , the brand stamp for Bandai Company and proudly states "SIGN OF QUALITY - MADE IN JAPAN"

Rear view of another model of this type. Note the "FORD" on the license plate.

From the model collection of Zargon Quadratvogel.

Above: two images of a mint condition Bandai Golde Top. Pictures courtesy of Robert Harris.


This striking blue and silver Golde Top model pictured is courtesy of Gary Kerr.

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