Ford  Headlight  Switch

Read this through before working on your Headlight Switch.

***(Knob Stick removal procedure and optional Dimmer Bypass instructions at the end.)
PLEASE DO NOT SAW THE STICK OFF.  If you follow procedure, it comes out easilly.


Some folks couldn't be bothered with dimming dash lights, mostly because the dash needs as much light as possible and Ford wasn't very liberal in the number of dash lights.  You can add a jumper between the "I" and "R" terminals.  Then, your dash lights will shine at full brilliance as soon as you pull the Headlight Switch out to either detent.

***USE CAUTION WHEN REMOVING THE KNOB STICK***  This is important!  Two of our members reported, their switch broke when trying to return the knob stick upon re-assembly.

The RELEASE BUTTON should ONLY be pressed when the Knob Stick is pushed IN all the way.

This switch practically falls apart after removing one screw and one nut.  No rivets hold it together.  Inside, the Slide is well greased on both sides and there are no springs to jump out.  This switch is very well made with heavy duty contacts BUT it can be destroyed.  Pay close attention to the following:

In the following picture, I aligned the three main parts to show how the Contact Slide fits into the bottom and exactly where the "Release Button" is situated.  Notice that if the Slide is forward (towards the right), the Release Button will not line-up, in fact it will hit one of the slide contacts and interfere with proper alignment.

So regardless of the slide position, when the stick is inserted all the way, it pushes the slide all the way back.  ONLY THEN push, the Release Button.  In any other position, pushing the Release Button cannot release the stick.   The button you push is mounted to the housing but the Handle Lock Release is mounted in the slide.

...and they only line up when the stick is puhed all the way in.

I'm showing the top piece upside down to show the internal contacts (they look brand new).  It's a shame and unnecessary that this switch is broken.  Clearly, the guy didn't know what he was doing when he pushed the button, muscled the stick, and broke the internals.

Excessive gorilla force not only broke the plastic but it bent the steel Handle Lock.

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