Geoff Lucas and his father, Jon , purchased this 1960 Thunderbird Hardtop locally in the summer on June 2, 2002. Working as a team, they spent a little over a year (14 months) restoring it.

The car was quite dilapidated when they received it. The headliner was torn and the seats disheveled. All the carpeting needed to be removed. There were rats' nests in a few places in the car that smelled awful and were cleaned out. There was one in the glove box, above the passenger sun visor, and above the headliner in the rear of the car. Luckily, the rats had not chewed through any wires.

They did a nearly complete restoration. Only they did not replace the 9 chrome pieces on the rear fender or the chrome strips where the roof meets the body just behind the doors. They also did not install the fender skirts, which was a personal preference, but they did install the largest tires possible, for they felt the original ones made the car seem like it was on stilts.

Thunderbird the
first day Geoff received it, July 2, 2002.


From the driver's seat
looking out also on the first day he received it.

Interior on the first day he got the car. Note Garfield expired on the floor. He probably died after eating a tainted mouse living in the interior of the car.


Interior picture taken a
week after he first got the 'Bird


After first week of restoration - most of the sanding is completed


February 20, 2003 - All sanding has been completed and car is primed.


February 20, 2003 - Primed and ready for a new coat of paint.


Goeff standing by his restored 1960 Thunderbird.


Restored Interior.


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