DSO 0935 code 1960 Thunderbird of Scott Wright

This car came into Scott's family new as a company car given to his father when he was a VP at Ryder. It has "DSO 0935" stamped into the patent area of the data plate. DSO, which stands for District Sales Office, is either the special paint order for the car or the manner of its delivery. The car was ordered through Ryder. His father told the maintenance manager that he wanted a yellow bird, 352, A/C, etc and the car was ordered by the Ford representative. It was delivered to his father at the Ryder terminal. Unfortunately (from his father's perspective) the maintenance manager ordered the yellow for the car off the truck line color wheel, which his father thought was way too yellow. Before driving the car more that a couple of miles it was repainted Moroccan ivory. The only other cars from 1960 that Scott has been able to find with DSO on the data plate are the two stainless steel Ludlum cars. DSO became a space on the data plate in later years and that it referred to the delivery zone. Scott does not think that was the case with the 1960 Ford cars.


Baltimore Maryland circa 1966. Scott's dad is standing behind his sister, his brother in law and his nephew. The car behind the T-bird is Scott's mom's Galaxy 500.


Jacksonville, Florida about 1972. Scott finally gets his hands on the car. Crager SS's were first order of business. Surfer pedal, roof mounted 8-track and beer keg shifter knob came along shortly thereafter. Interior was completely redone, imitation tuck and roll, etc.


Titusville, Florida about 1980. Scott was in an apartment after college and had to keep the car in storage. It wound up staying in that small bay for eleven years. That's Toyota blue and went on the car in about 1973. Scott mostly stopped driving the car in '74 during the oil embargo because it cost $10.00 to fill the tank with Sunoco 260.


Melbourne, Florida in 2001. Finally starting that long overdue restoration.


Hallandale, Florida in 2001. Lots of body work, priming and blocking.


Hallandale, Florida on July 12, 2002. The car is finally back to Scott's father's color, Moroccan Ivory. Its sort of a pastel yellow.The front end lift is just a cobbled together set of boat trailer jacks. They are bolted to the bumper braces with a cross frame tack welded on. They can be cranked up and down as necessary for better access.


This is the data plate with the DSO 0935 in the patent area. When I started restoring the car Scott discovered the car was a DSO. His dad had passed away in 1969 and, of course, never said a word about the special order. Scott spent a long time trying to find the meaning of this DSO code. Scott was asked if he would have modified the car is if he knew as a teenager it was so unique? Scott replies that he was sixteen when got the car and started "customizing" and since then he had the judgment of a typical sixteen-year-old he probably would have gone ahead anyway.

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