1959 Holman-Moody Thunderbird NASCAR

This car was campaigned in the first Daytona 500 race in 1959. The #64 Holman-Moody Thunderbird was the car driven by Fritz Wilson who finished in 56th place with a blown piston. He actually only made 15 laps before leaving the race. The car that finished in 2nd place was driven by Johnny Beauchamp in the #73 car. In a photo finish #73 was initially declared the winner. The #64 car still exists and can be found in Mark Martins Klassix Car museum in Daytona Beach , FL. (Information courtesy of Bill Van Ess)

1959 Thunderbird NASCAR convertible Holman-Moody modified this 1959 Thunderbird. This was a "zipper top" T-Bird whose hardtop could be removed for the convertible races popular at the time. This car was driven by Banjo Matthews.

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