1958 Golde Top Thunderbird

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(picture is original, but above text has been modified)

You might question that this is the real thing - a 1958 Thunderbird with a sunroof! This a picture of a 1958 Thunderbird with sliding steel sunroof made by Golde from the Golde Body Parts division. The brochure is from the late fifties as all the cars pictured in it are from the late fifties. The brochure was in use until at least 1962, as it was found in an envelope along with a letter to a gentleman interested in ordering a Studebaker with a sunroof. This is evidence that Golde made sunroofs for General Motors, Chrysler, Jaguar and Studebaker as well as for Ford.

This photograph is proof that at least one 1958 Thunderbird was made with a sunroof. The sunroof is identical to the one used on the 1960 factory sunroof cars, including the wind bar.

Whether this 1958 Thunderbird was fitted with a sunroof in 1958 is controversial. It may have been the prototype for the 1960 Thunderbird. No documented examples of 1958 or 1959 Thunderbirds with Golde Top sunroofs as installed originally by Golde are known to exist.

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