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Old 04-28-2012, 07:01 PM
stu454bb stu454bb is offline
Join Date: Jan 27 2011
Posts: 50
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Default Saving another 59

Hello fellow Tbirders.
I thought I would share with you the restoration of my fathers 1959 Thunderbird. I always enjoy to hear the stories and see the pictures of an old classic being brought back to its former glory.
This sad 59 was bought from ebay and was the one no one wanted. It has a caved in rear quarter, seized motor and generally has not been loved for many years. The car was imported to Australia in 2000 with the intention of a resto, that never eventuated. My farther and I picked it up about a year ago and started the big job.
If anyone recognizes the car please let us know. I would love to know the history.
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Old 04-28-2012, 08:24 PM
stu454bb stu454bb is offline
Join Date: Jan 27 2011
Posts: 50
stu454bb is on a distinguished road

A few more pics of when we got her home.
The bad stuff first. The damage to the rear quarter has not bent the sill, but has peeled back the door jam and creased the upper fin line. The rear window wont come down, and the door wont latch shut. There are dents and bruises pretty much everywhere. The motor is seized solid. The trans dose not look much better. They have been out in the weather for some time I would think. The motor and trans where out of the car when it was first advertised.
And now the good. Cant find any bad rust. The body, although bent, is solid. The floors and trunk, internal bracing, all looks good. The only visible rusting is in the bottom section under the tail light area, and its only a small section. Also a small amount around the trunk skin. It seems to be a complete car, air filter to hubcaps, nothing missing. It has been pulled apart some time ago and came in many boxes. Also, she has many new repo and NOS parts including new interior, dash pad, rubbers, repo chrome pieces, brackets, rollers and switches. So much stuff we could hardly get it all home.
So the plan is to go original seeing how its all there. Disc brakes and maybe custom hubcaps will be the only mods.
I'll up date as we progress with the build, Stu
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Old 04-28-2012, 08:30 PM
Griffin Griffin is offline
Join Date: Feb 19 2012
Posts: 172
Griffin is on a distinguished road

Hi Stu

I look forward to hearing how the restoration progresses and the final product. It's good to see that another bird is being saved. It also helps when there are lots of parts supplied as chasing them overseas is costly and time consuming. Good luck!

Never assume conspiracy when mere incompetence will explain things.
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Old 04-28-2012, 09:13 PM
scumdog's Avatar
scumdog scumdog is offline
Join Date: May 12 2006
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A bit of a mission but a good solid foundation, keep us posted!
A Thunderbirder from the Land of the Long White Cloud.
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Old 04-28-2012, 10:11 PM
Richard D. Hord Richard D. Hord is offline
Super-Experienced and Proud Kentuckian who bleeds Ford Blue.
Join Date: Dec 16 2008
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Hey Stu,
This is so cool! Keep us posted on your progress.
Richard D. Hord
'60 Thunderbird "Christine"
Registry #33436
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Old 04-28-2012, 11:50 PM
vote4pedro vote4pedro is offline
Join Date: Apr 19 2011
Posts: 18
vote4pedro is on a distinguished road

that's awesome that you got almost a rust-free car.
when i used to buy japanese front clips for the motors. i would look for the ones that were in a accident, because i would know that is why they got rid of the car and the motors aways be fine.

I suspect your car was somewhat the opposite story.

also if you still have the front plate you can sell those on ebay.

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Old 04-29-2012, 02:25 AM
YellowRose's Avatar
YellowRose YellowRose is offline
Super-Experienced and a HELLOFA nice guy
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Default Saving another 59

Congratulations, Stu on saving another '59. If you want to learn the history of this car, check and click on the Search tab and plug in the VIN # of this Tbird. IF someone has entered it into the Tbird Registry, you should find its Registry number and you can look it up and learn more about the car. If it is not in the Registry, you should enter it so that is in the registry for the future. If you have the Data Plate codes, that will also tell you what it left the factory as. You can look up the codes and find out. Also, if you can find the ROT/Build Sheet, that will tell you how it was put together at the factory also. They can often be found in the seat springs, under carpeting, in the center console, sometimes in the glove box.

Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
'59 Tbird "The Yellow Rose Of Texas" aka "Tweety Bird"
"It's Hip To Be Square"
Thunderbird Registry #33025 VTCI #11178

rayclark07"at" (Home) 210-674-5781 (Cell) 210-875-1411
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Old 04-29-2012, 10:48 AM
Anders's Avatar
Anders Anders is offline
Join Date: Jan 19 2008
Posts: 2,165
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The rear bumper look pretty strait
..."Lil darling Ruth"
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Old 04-30-2012, 08:42 AM
DKheld's Avatar
DKheld DKheld is offline
Join Date: Aug 27 2008
Posts: 1,509
DKheld is on a distinguished road

Shoot - that oughta' buff right out..........

Hope you get to post pics of the work. I'd say that's a rescue mission rather than a restoration. Nice to know another one will be saved.

If I can do anything State-side that will help just give me a shout.

registry 5347
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Old 04-30-2012, 09:15 AM
stu454bb stu454bb is offline
Join Date: Jan 27 2011
Posts: 50
stu454bb is on a distinguished road

Thanks for your encouragement guys and your kind offer Eric. It is going to be hard work alright but when there's passion, it comes together. The car is in my dads shed, about 2 hours from me. So I go up on weekends and do a little bit with him. My father is 73 this year and I think the task ahead is a little overwhelming for him. He has loved Tbirds all his life. Hopefully this will bring great enjoyment. Both building it and then cruising the wheels off it.
First step is to finish tearing it down to a bare shell. So many of the parts are in boxes and I'm just hoping its all there. Really, untill its being bolted back together, we cant be sure we have every thing. But the previous owner assured me it was all there. Next time I'll grab the vin and get it on the registry. maybe someone knows of it. Stu
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