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Old 03-15-2009, 06:55 PM
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A couple things !!!

What I meant was (in my last post) that if originality was an issue, going with the smaller rotors was the way. So you could run 14" wheels.

For those who have gone with larger . . . All the better !!! I didn't mean to say someone who ran the larger brakes did the wrong thing. I like the non-OE wheels some of the guys on here are running. Rusty, I do like the baby moons on the 58 better than the 65. Ha Ha !!
When I had the 65 Landau like yours I actually thought about running Vectors (General Lee wheels), but color matched with the emberglow rather than black. Oh and TA Radials of course.

And finally . . . Congrats on the 08 Fatboy!! You'll LOVE it ! I have a 2000 Heritage that I purchased new in late 99. It has been a GREAT bike!! Never a hiccup. I have 203 cams in it and a Thunder header. It goes good. My only advise would be . . . Don't lower it. I did mine and it ruined it !! I have since put it back to stock height.
Other n that . . . Enjoy !!!
John Byers
1960 Convertible (Orig owner)
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Old 03-15-2009, 08:11 PM
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Lookin Good
How do you keep everythin looking so neat

Bob M
59 Bird
72 Charger
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Old 03-17-2009, 01:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Framer_guru View Post
... just have to borrow a spring compressor ...
Actually, you don't I rented one when I did my front end and found that it was nearly impossible to get it through the A arm and onto the spring high enough to do any good. The spring is up inside a deep 'tube' at the top which makes using a compressor pretty hard.

The good news is the procedure outlined in the shop manual using a floor jack to lower the A arm and release the spring works very well. Piece of cake.

I have a gallery of pics that may help on my suspension rebuild if you're interested. Check it out here.
DGS (aka salguod)
1960 Convertible - Raven Black, Red leather
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Old 03-17-2009, 11:14 AM
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Doug, off-subject, but I tried to PM you and got this message....Thanks for the help earlier...
  1. dgs has exceeded their stored private messages quota and can not accept further messages until they clear some space.

Mike Lemmon
'59 Raven Black Hardtop
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Old 03-27-2009, 01:42 AM
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Talking Front end so far

Hey all! Well, if anyone has looked at the newest pics, (there aren't really that many) you'll see I got the a-arms off. DGS, you were right, I didn't need the spring compressor. GOod thing I forgot about it, huh? Just used a couple of my floor jacks and no problem. Getting the lower ball joint loose was a bit more of a hassle but it's off. Now I just have to finish cleaning up the arms, remove the old ball joints and install the new ones. Sounds like I've got a fun weekend ahead of me! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

Bob, now as to how I keep everything neat? HAHAHAHAHA! Man, you haven't seen my garage! I am always cleaning that sucker! Actually, it's fairly small so when I need to work on the car I have to pull it out into the driveway. I usually do all of my work on the ground or my work bench, and move my ginder/wire wheel into the driveway to keep the dust down. I clean all my parts, paint them up and put them in my rear closet in the car hole on my shelves until I am ready to put everything together. Right now it's pretty crowded in there. Need to finish putting the rest of the front end together so I can put in my engine! Man, I can't WAIT until I fire her up! I'll video it for all of you! Until then, I'll post more pics of my progress.

Thanks for everyone's help. Oh, and I absolutely LOVE my Fatboy! That big girl rides SO much smoother than the Yamaha FZ6 I had. Now I just need pipes, air cleaner, Corbin seat, etc. Hahahahahha! It never stops!
1960 HT in work
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