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Default My 1963 Bulletnose

Yeah I just bought a fully rebuilt 390FE .040 over, and I got a numbers matching 1963 Landau along with it. I only paid $1400 for the rebuilt 390, with over $3000 in reciepts, so Im not to worried, but the entire trunk of the 63 is rusted out! Both rear leaf spring mounts are coming through the trunk, I cannot find anyone who makes a new trunk pan!!!! Help, Im almost to the point of cutting the whole rear unibody frame out and back halfing the car with a four link. The body and interior is in great shape and I want to save the car, Im just stuck. I would rather fix what I have and not back half the car, but if I have to I will. Any suggestions?

When I did my 1966 I just replaced the entire trunk but no one seams to sell one for the 61-63!
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