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Default Acquired a 1960 T-Bird

We have acquired my Grandfathers 1960 T-Bird.
He bought it in 1968 and quit driving it in 1972, the car has been stored in a museum here in Auburn, Indiana since 1998, The reason I am writing is this. The car is different, it has no power brakes or steering, even the windows are crank, it has the (Y) 352 special V8, it has a three speed Manuel trans with no overdrive and there is no radio, the dash where the radio usually is, there is no place for it. One last thing there was a plaque on the dash (my dad has) from the Ford Motor Company, we are looking for that, it had Fords logo and a guys name.... Several people have commented that this looks like a race ready 1960 T-Bird that was kept on the street. If so that would make it extremely rare from what I have been told and read in my research so far.
Any information would be great!
We plan to get it back on the road and show it Barn fresh at several car shows to get a sense of it's history before doing much to it. I have redone several vehicles and motor bikes over the years so I should be fine and here in Auburn there are several world class restorers to ask questions. I would put up a picture of it but not sure how to do it.

Thanks for any feed back,

Mark McCollough
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