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Now THAT is a Vette!!! I like up to the 67s. 68 on and especially the new ones are just not of the style I like.
I'll bet it is a rush.

Glad it looks like you can get what you need fairly easily.

Front and rear sway bars are on my list also.

I was just about ready to start my break work when I developed some fuel problems. Fuel pump went out and with everyone on the other threads talking of gas tanks I ran my bore scope down in mine and it is in pretty bad shape.

I just ordered a stainless steel tank and will be replacing that before the brakes. It was a toss-up to go with the regular tank or stainless but thought it better to go with the stainless. Plan to have that done in the next couple of weeks. I'll post pics and a narrative when I get started. I'm going to put in an electric fuel pump also.
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