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Default Introducing Dreams2Things....

The Squarebirds Forum has a new source for all things Squarebirds! Looking for a Squarebirds clock, coffee mug, T-shirt with a picture of YOUR Tbird or Ford car on it? Coffee mugs, T-shirts, flip-flops, sweatshirts, womans wear, tote bags, and a lot more will be available with our Squarebirds logo on them. This web page presently shows 7 Squarebirds items available to our Forum members. However, anything in the listing on the left side of the web page can be ordered, but remember to specify that you want them with the Squarebirds logo on them and not what might be showing when ordering from the left side menu. Dave Dare ~ simplyconnected, our webmaster, has found us a person and a company that will provide us with a greater number of items to order, at reduced pricing.

So check out Dreams2Things by clicking on the T-Shirt icon on the HOME page, between the 1958 Tbird picture and the Gears icon for the Technical section. Here is the link to our new Squarebirds paraphernalia vendor.

EDIT from Dave: I'd like to add, custom FRONT license plates are very popular with "Dreams2Things" for use in states where we only use the rear (like Michigan). You can submit your own picture and come up with some real neat ideas. Here's one of Texas:

I personally asked the owner to give our members a good price, and in return we will order gifts. Please support this site as they support us. - Dave

Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
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