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Default WIN 10 Possible Problems

About a week ago, Eric ~ DalecarliaEric, in Sweden upgraded to Windows 10 and promptly was not able to navigate our Forum. He was showing as being logged on here by me, but was not able to do anything on the Forum. However, after changing his password, I was able to log on as him, and navigate all over the Forum. But he still could not. Since Dave ~ simplyconnected has been running Win 10 for awhile now, without any problems at all, we figured the problem had to be something other than being caused by Win 10. After a lot of emails back and forth, suggestions from myself, and Dave ~ simplyconnected, how to correct this, Eric figured out what was going on.

It WAS Win 10 that was the culprit and here is how Eric tracked this down. At work, running Win 7, he was able to navigate freely throughout the Forum. That told him that Win 10 had to be the problem. So here is what he did to fix it, and IF any of you are on Win 10, and can log on the Forum, but can't do certain actions because of Win 10, but can read this, here is what he did to fix it.

"Now it works in Microsoft Edge (the browser) in Win 10.

I went into the settings in Win 10 and put in trustworthy sites and allow pop-up windows from and now I can navigate around the

If it can be helpful for someone else, I made changes in settings (in Win 10) - Network and Internet - VPN - Internet Options - Security - Trusted sites (add and Privacy - Settings (allow pop-up windows"

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