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Originally Posted by kuusamon View Post
reinstalled the oil pump shaft, it looks good, no wear. But there is not a stop ring/washer/plate on there? Any never has, no marking or indication that there used to be one. I was thinking of putting one. Any body has done that? I put a tiny bit of locktite medium on the end of the shaft as not to pull it out of the pump too easily.
Just a FWIW from me..... I had a "looks good" oil pump shaft break in half going down the freeway a few years back. By the time I was able to get out of traffic's way and safely to the side of the road the motor had a new sound in it.

When I dropped the new motor back in the car, I went with an ARP oil pump shaft which was considerably stouter than the old one, which gave me a better feeling.... Oh, and a new oil pump as well. Not sure which was the issue the oil pump or the shaft but.....
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