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No loud squealing of belts so that's one thing that lead me to believe all was good.

Even though I think there is not a problem with this config I'm not ready to go back with this set-up on the new damper - too expensive. I'll probably add the 2 groove pulley to the crank and gen and reconfig. the belts so that I have the factory style setup with 2 belts going to the gen and a separate one to the ps pump. I have all the pulleys just thought this would work.

Haven't actually measured the pulleys on the crank but if they are different it's something you can distinguish by eyeballing it.

Here's a pic with the belts off (and different fan spacer that didn't work) - the wp pulley has 2 grooves the same size behind the larger ac grove that line up with the crank grooves - cant see the first groove in the wp pulley very well.

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