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Originally Posted by OX1 View Post
...I would rebuild, no matter the cost...
Let me know how that works out for you.
Of the options you named, are any converted to run on modern liquids?
When I built my Y-Block I knew a 351W engine would be far cheaper to build but I bit the bullet and did the overhaul anyway. I love the sound of a Y but it is only 300 cubes and not expected to perform miracles in a Galaxie. Looking back, I doubt I would do it again because the engine is all cast iron, the center exhaust ports are still next to each other and the lifters will always be solid. I did a ton of oil modifications, match-weighed piston/rod assemblies, balanced the crankshaft, retimed the camshaft, added a true roller timing set, and much more. In retrospect, I should have used the 351W and AOD. - Dave
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