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I like the uniqueness and conversation piece of the 430 and I don't honestly think it needs a rebuild. Fires right up cold, no valve guide/seal smoke. Idles perfect, cold or hot.

Runs very strong until about half throttle. Leaks out of a lot of places, but I already planned for a re-gasket at some point. Anyway, I think it is timing or maybe the chain (or both).

That said, IF I was going to replace 430 (I'm not, I would rebuild, no matter the cost), it would be a BB/C6 combo. I already have a mildly built BB and a ton of 4WD known good C6's kicking around. Even with just a mild BB, it's hard for FE to economically make up for 70-80 cube loss.

Appreciate the info on the 430, will just keep plugging away on the stumble until I figure here out. Little by little this bird keeps getting better. Can't wait to figure out this stumbling issue, along with the disk brakes and sway bars. Going to be a fun cruiser then, for sure.
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