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Originally Posted by OX1 View Post
But anyway, back to my original question. If everything in this motor is up to snuff, all the parts are correct and not worn, shouldn't this motor shred tires almost instantly off idle?
YES!; well maybe not "shred", but certainly spin enough to please the tire companies!

My 1960 "J" code, with <80k on the odometer, all original (+ time & usage), with the selector in D1 (C.O.M. w/ 2.90:1 open rear) does the "one-wheel-peel" just fine.

The MEL Marauder series of engines was Ford Motor Company's "big gun" for 1958 and into 1959 (which they then pulled out of racing). The 430 cu. in. version was nick-named the "Bulldozer" due to the torque output and its' resulting performance. The top of the heap was the Super Marauder (J8 option) with aluminum intake and three dual venturi Holley 2300s rated at 400HP. This was the largest and most powerful (first to hit 400 hp) engine in the American car market at that time.

As far as being advised to remove the 430 MEL (if your vehicle is a "J" code unit, that in itself makes for a less common assembly), replacing with a 390 FE (although a good engine) because "it can produced MUCH more HP than the 430", well, this does not seem logical, and I would have to disagree.

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