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Well what a response. Thanks.

I will take you up on the offer to register this tbird, thanks Ray.

As for the data plate. The inconsistency that I was thinking of was that the "N" stood for Diamond blue as Mike correctly mentioned. There was a bit of white on the top right plate that would indicate a post production paint job. (you guys are good) They must have done a fairly thorough job of painting it white 30 odd years ago as even the fire wall is white. There are flakes of paint around the body that indicate that there was a light blue colour before. Only yesterday did I find a light blue spot behind some bullnose trim next to where your left knee would be in the drivers side.

Anyway, the booster is actually connected to the master cylinder. On the photo if you look at the far left (front of car) a line does go back from a brake switch to the MC. And the vacuum from the booster is connected to the reservoir under the left fender. Under the dash on the brake pedal there is no pedal assist power brake unit as per the manual. The eccentric adjusting lever is the same as the "power brakes-units with air condition" (10-16 part 10-3 of the manual) but the pedal doesn't have the pedal trigger.

Sooo does everyone think that its an after market booster. If so do you think its worth taking it off and run the standard brakes with no booster and place the washer bag there?

Thanks again for members input. I fine the history of these birds fascinating.
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