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Default Interior Work On Rose Is About Done

That was a funny comment, John! I would not be surprised if they could see it from there! I visited Danny today, but I have no pictures to upload. We were working on the speaker. The speaker I have is not the original speaker for the Squarebird. As I recall, when I tried to get one, Don, at Bird Nest told me that he did not have any of the original replacement speakers. So, I bought a two cone version. It had to be modified to get it into the speaker console. I had it sitting on top temporarily because we had not taken the center console out.

I talked with Don at Bird Nest and he told me that the original speaker for these Squarebirds is still on back order. He does not know if the company who makes this speaker for our Birds is going to make anymore or not. Soo, those of you who might need an original speaker, and can find one at other Tbird parts houses, you might want to get it while the getting it good....

Today, we tried to put it inside the center console and mount it as it should be. It would not go in place, even though I had trimmed down the sides and drilled new holes for the mounting bolts. Eventually, we figured out that the paper ring around one of the cones was what was keeping it from going in flat on one end. Sooo, we trimmed off a curved section on that end with a razor blade and it slipped down into place. We bolted it in. Before we did this, we put it in the car, hooked up the speaker, turned on the radio to see if it still worked and it did.

So Danny got the speaker mounted in place, the ash tray lights in place, and the new replacement ashtray in place. Now he can get the center console back into the car and everything hooked up to it that is needed. He still has some door panel work to do, fix a door lock that will not unlock, and adjust a door handle, and finish off the drivers side carpeting. We are getting there. When I have new pictures, I will post them.

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