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Default 58 rear suspension

Hi guys,
After fixing my bushings to my rear upper control arms, my rear end donīt seems to work properly. Itīs stiff, and even if I think where the problem are, Iīm not 100% sure.
Except for the bushings in the upper control arm, all other bushings was changed right before I purchased the car 2 years ago.
One thing that donīt look original is the big flat washer that holds the big round rubber gasket. In the shop manual, and at illustrations this item looks like a embossed piece of steel ( # 55596 ) ( in the bottom, just above the nut of the illustration ), and not flat yellowish metal. Min change shape as well as the suspension works/moves...(!). The problem is that Iīm not sure how the original piece look like and what dimensions it have. I have mailed John Draxler at Thunderbird Ranch if he might have any original for sale. If not, a real good picture or drawing with dimensions would be good, as I can have it made at some mecanical shop.
Iīm not totally sure if my big rubber gaskets ( # 5537. 2 different with the same number ) have the right dimensions either. Upon that, my car have a stance where the rear is slightly higher than the front. All other ī58 I have seen is equal or lower in the rear. So I might have to high or / and too stiff coil springs as well. If any of you have stuff like this in your garage and can provide acurate dimensions it would be worth gold for me. Thankīs in advance.
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