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Yes, at least five of our members are running power disk brakes. The reason it isn't 'in stone' is because this job can be done a few different ways. I have NO preference but I let the money do the talking. My '55 Ford has Granada spindles and calipers. My '59 has Scarebird brackets with S-10 calipers and Mustang rotors. They both stop equally as well.

I suggest you become a paid member to access more on this subject OR glean the info from searching this thread.

Brake work isn't like changing your muffler or shocks. It requires a good degree of understanding brake systems. The work is relatively easy but your plumbing and setup adjustments must be right. All inverted flares must be good, which isn't hard but they must be double checked and re-done when necessary. After having all the parts on the job, set aside a Saturday unless you have already plumbed a brake system. When done, this job is VERY gratifying and rewarding. The payoff is huge. - Dave
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