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Originally Posted by cdhowell View Post
...I say look at your fabricated tranny mount. Is it constructed of the same material as the original mount? Engine torque and a fixed tranny will cause problems up to snapping tail shaft housings. Put the rear end on jack stands and run the car up to speed. I would bet that without a load on the drive train that you will not have the vibes. Look around the tranny tunnel as well and see if its torquing over too far and making contact with the body.

Found some funny stuff, I put it on jack stands and went to turn the drive shaft with an indicator on it ..I found .013 ro on the rear yoke just in frt of the 3ed member . the pinion appears to be moving up and down when i turn the wheel back and forth.. the bottom of the pumpkin is wet,,, I hope the pinion bearing is bad, will be taking it out and a good rebuild is in order.. wish me luck!!! will keep you informed thanks for the help

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