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Default bad vibration over 65 mph

I have a cyclic vibration that appears to come from the rear of the car. I feel it in the seat and steering wheel. It starts at 65 and increases as I go faster. It does not leave when I put it in neutral at speeds over 65. Strange on how it increases and then decreases cycles at 3 second intervals. It only happens in 3ed over 65 mph.

It does not appear when driven in 2nd all the way to 65 mph. 1960 bird, c6, balanced drive shaft and replaced u-joints, new rims and tires all around,, new rear springs bushings and shackles. How do I check drive line alignment??? Had to make the transmission tail shaft mount with a c6 so it may be out of alignment?? rotated tires no change 28 psi in tires no change. ah ah ah ah time for a brew and some help!!!!!!

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