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Default FS: 1958 Red Squarebird (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

For sale is my 1958 Red Thunderbird/Squarebird that I have owned since the fall of 2014. I bought the car to be a fun summer cruiser and have focused my repair work mostly on keeping the car running reasonably happy, and to improve safety/reliability. To that end, I have replaced the starter, battery, drums/pads on all four wheels, new tires, and have spent endless hours cleaning and restoring the interior panels, interior and exterior chrome. Collector plate eligible.

I should be clear here that this car is not in mint condition; there are rust bubbles on a couple of the panels, the trunk/rear bumper has paint chips/cracks and would probably benefit from a paint. This occurred when a previous owner accidentally backed into a structure. Being a tank of a car though, the damage is pretty much limited to chips and a minor dent. If you are looking for a mint/collector/garage queen, this is not what you are looking for. From 6ft away the car looks great. If the car was in excellent condition, I wouldn't be listing it for what I am. If you want more detailed photos of the areas of issue, let me know.

That being said, this car looks gorgeous and gets tons of compliments every time I take it out. I've bought an installed the trunk liner kit, I've installed the new fender gun sights, I've bought new chrome for interior trim, along with a bunch of other nice things. Sadly, despite putting a lot of time and effort into the restoration of the car, I have not been able to use the car nearly enough to justify keeping it, unfortunately. I am hoping to find someone who will get to enjoy the car. I am listing the price of the car with this in mind, and am willing to be patient for the right buyer/price. Serious inquiries only please.

Price: 11,000 OBO CAD

Key Details:
1958 Thunderbird - Red
Engine: 352cid/300hp V8 4bbl (it needs it just to move the car!)
Transmission: 3 Speed Automatic
99,000 Miles
Garage Kept
Known Issues with car:
- AM Radio doesn't work (it's all there, I think it may be as simple as wiring)
- Windshield Wipers don't work (who are we kidding, you aren't taking this car in the rain)
- Previously mentioned minor dings in the trunk area
- Some rust on a couple panels
- Gas pedal works fine, but is a little bit loose and needs a clamp
- Leaks associated with cars 59 years old. Minor power steering leak, some oil leak. Such is life.

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