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I never met a total restoration that was easy or cheap.
Do you only replace half the bearings or half the rings?
Do you only paint part of the car?
Do you replace half the carpet or seat covers?

Any car that is fifty years old has materials from that period (which weren't very good compared to today's polymers) but the steel was twice as heavy.

1955 Fords had six volt, POSITIVE ground systems. Y-Blocks have their own issues, mainly with the oiling system.

Now the question becomes, do I keep it pure stock and park it in a garage? Or, do I molest the car and make it into something I can safely drive on today's roads, among modern traffic..? (Or, are we going to call, "Pimp my Ride"?)

The level of 'enjoyment' is subjective as each individual has his own standard. Personally, I wouldn't drive it or put my family in it, in pure stock condition.

I think you are wise to sell it as 'untouched' or 'unrestored'. You will get the most return on your money. Call Leno and ask if he needs another '55. - Dave
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