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Default The NEW 1955 - 1957 Little Birds Forum.

Squarebirds is very proud to announce the addition of our newest forum, General Technical Discussion - 1955 to 1957 Thunderbirds.

John G, Ray, and many others have worked very diligently to include Ford's very first Thunderbirds. And frankly, nobody really knows why the '55-'57 Thunderbirds were omitted from

We will closely monitor this forum for a trial period of time, hoping that it gains tremendous popularity.

With our addition of Little Birds, comes the first Thunderbird technology such as:

* 312 cubic inch Y-Block engines (Ford's first overhead valve engine)
* Paxton superchargers (optional equipment right from the factory in 1957)
* 1955 Thunderbirds were built with 6-volt, POSITIVE ground electrical systems.
* 1956 Thunderbirds (and full-size Fords) used 12-volt gauges. 1956 is the ONLY year Ford used 12-volt gauges.

We are excited to see this forum flourish, so give our newcomers and their classic Little Birds a very warm welcome because that is what is famous for. - Dave Dare
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