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Default 1962 T-bird single to dual master cylinder

Should you decide to go the disc/drum route, with disc brakes up front and drums in the rear, you will need to find some 14" disc brake ready rims. Here is a list of Ford cars with disc/drum brakes whose rims should work on your Bulletbird. Some of us who own Squarebirds with 14" rims have satisfactorily converted our front brakes to disc using these rims, and also parts that will work on 14" rims. For much the same reason you have, we did not want to buy new 15" rims and tires, especially if the tires are new like mine are. Should you decide to go disc/drum, there is a ton of information in the Squarebirds Forum about this, much which should be usable on your Bulletbird. It is NOT necessary to buy 15" rims and tires to do this conversion. It IS necessary to get the right 14" disc brake ready rims though.


14" rim Info – Original OEM 14" rims will NOT work. 14"x6" and maybe 14"x7" rims with a bolt pattern of 5x4.5 and lug nuts 1/2-20 are what you are looking for. I am told that offset backspacing and rear spacing are not a factor if you find the following rims. 70's LTD II. 14" Ford wheels with the numbers 43M below the Ford script, a 22 on another lobe of the center and a 3 next to the valve stem. Make sure they are vented rims. They have to be rims made for a front disk brake/rear drums car. Any 1977-1979 Lincoln, Versailles, Granada, LTD II, Torino, Ranchero should work. A 1998 Ford Ranger, 1975 and up Granada, 1974 Maverick, earlier 70's Torino or Ranchero with 14" rims & front disk brakes might work also. Most of these are 6 inches in width.

1995 Ranger wheels go right on and they’re 14”s and our hubcaps fit right on.

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