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Originally Posted by Astrowing View Post
They are pressed just like front-end parts. Thanks. Do you have dimensions on the upper and lower arm pivot bushings? How about the control arm? Metric is fine. I can convert.
Upper & Lower arm? The control arm is the upper arm.
I have not changed the other bushings. Only the ones in the control arm.

It is the same bushings for the forward position and the upper rear on the trailing arms. I can measure them, but not until the weekend, as I am not planning to take the parts down until I can continue with the rear part, the subject of the thread. And I have been promiced these bushings/isolators will be ready on Friday.
Can you do me a favour and mesure the sleeve until Friday? So I donīt cut mine by mistake. There should be on your car as well Thatīs the one I have tryed to get from Post 1.....
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