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DKheld, this is all really great info - thank you! How can I determine whether or not I have a 390? Are there numbers casted on the block or heads?

SO I do in fact have an alternator and not a generator? (I cant tell the difference by looking at them)

Originally Posted by DKheld View Post
Saw the first post but didn't have a chance to respond before I saw this one so I'll start here by saying that it looks like that Tbird has found a great new home. Glad to see the care you're putting forth already.

Think you have all the bases covered. The fuel pump lever rides on the cam and can be a little bit of a pain to re-install but just keep at it and eventually you'll hit the magic spot. There are still a lot of major parts you can get local at NAPA, O'Riley, Advance or other major parts houses and save shipping. I just rebuilt my 4100 carb like yours and that will make a world of difference. Got the main kit at O'Riley but it does not come with the secondary lever or diaphragm which I purchased at NAPA. The instructions in the carb kit were good.

Just an observation (guess) but I think the block has been replaced with a 390 (or maybe a rebuilt 352). The 352 did not have the heat shields on the exhaust manifolds and something looks strange about the oil sending unit. I'm thinking maybe they put the 352 intake back on the 390 block. The 352 intake has the road draft port and most 390's did not. The road draft port was plumbed to the plate (added) under the carb. That's why there are only a few threads on the bolts holding the carb. (it has the standard 352 carb posts with the plate added and the carb should be bolted directly to the intake - no plate). Somethings wanky about the throttle lever. Another reason I'm thinking it is a 390 is the alternator and all associated bracketry is 390 style. The 352 had a generator mounted low. The fan has been replaced with a flex type fan. The original block color would be black - not blue.

Nothing really important that wouldn't prevent it from running but just observation and not trying to be critical just pointing out what I see.

I'm sure you'll get it running quickly.

Great pictures and the posts are great - hope to see more. Hope I can help in some way.

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