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Originally Posted by HighwayThunder View Post
Here's a pic of the new fuel line. It's up off the engine and insulated from the heat. Nonetheless after warmed-up and then turned off, the car will stall after restart.

What I've noticed is that when that happens, the fuel filter will not fill, even with just the fuel pump on (refer to 2nd pic). My theory is that the unfilled part of the filter is a pressurized vapor keeping the filter from filling with liquid.

What about the carburetor? Could it be I need to put a thermal block between the carb and the aluminum intake manifold?
I doubt your theory re the 'pressurised vapour' however in any event I would have put the filter on that vertical section of fuel line above the fuel pump.
If it WAS vapour under pressure in the filter it would vent itself through the carb as soon as the fuel in the fuel bowl dropped its level.

I also doubt the necessity to put in a thermal block.

My 2 cents worth.
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