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Default The problem is still present

Hallo together,

my transmission problem could not be fixed until now.

I found two companies the had a look on. One did not want the job, the other one could not give me a shop date in one year.

But what I might find out of all the input I got is that the problem can be the governor.

I was told that the bolt you can see and feel from the outside must be spring loaded. Mine is not, you can move it freely. So it can be there is no spring, or it is broken.

Does anybody know something about this detail and know where i can get spare parts.

If that is not the problem then I may need a other transmission.

A company in Germany sells such transmissions, but the charge 4250$ for a rebuild and tuned transmission without installation.
And that is heavy.

Someone perplexed !

with a friendly hallo from good old europe.
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