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Originally Posted by Hazegray53 View Post
...When connected it just pulls the rod down and way off center. It looks like it would work if the threaded rod was much shorter. Is it supposed to be adjustable? Am I supposed to cut it to fit? ...
Yes, and I'm surprised they didn't tell you in the instructions. I like your pictures but I need to see how long your clevis (eyelet) is. Show one with a scale next to it.

Leave the jam nut on but back it off as far as you can. Hold the clevis (eyelet) up to it and eyeball where you want to cut the booster rod.

If it builds your confidence to cut a little at a time, ok. By the time you get close, the distance will be the same.

Use the jam nut to 'chase' the end of the thread once it's cut.

It's very important you bench bleed your M/C before mounting it. Did they supply a plastic bench bleed kit? I mount my M/C on my vise and use a #4 Phillips screwdriver in the hole as I progressively stroke the piston. Start with short, slow strokes then as the bubbles come out go deeper. After about twenty times, the bubbles will stop.

I don't like the 'closed ports' method. - Dave
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