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Default Hard starting and idle shake

Cleaned the carburator some time ago and the engine was running nicely, but still is hard to start. It will take maybe a minute of cranking (with some rests in between) to fire it up. I have the Edelbrock 1405 carburator on it. Also, when cold, it idles perfectly, but after some driving, it will give some "pops" in the exhaust and vibration. Decided to check the floats adjustments, which where set at a too high level. The 7/16" drill which should fit under the float tip, did not fit. But eventhough the level should have been too high, there was a very low level of fuel in both bowls. And i had driven the bird the day before. Both float valves where free to move. The fuel supply hose from the pump was dry, so i suppose that the check valve in the pump is stuck open. Can this valve be reached easily?
Eventhough this check valve is open, it should not be causing the low fuel level in the bowls. I red about it being normal for the fuel to evaporate over time, but will it go that fast?
And the idle pop, anything what can be done about that? Adjusting the floats didnt change anything.
Oh, and this morning it started immediately, so lets see if it also will after some days sitting.

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