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Yes I am considering it. The car will be driven in parades and to car shows and maybe to a Drive-in or Sonic a couple times a week with momma and I so fuel is not a problem. Bear in mind the rest of the engine is stock so this is just for show and a little go.

Right now it's 442 cubes at .060 over with very thick top 8:1 pistons. How much lower should I decompress to ad an 871 Jimmie? I have the cubes to use it. I was thinking 6:1 by using the 383 crank which knocks .4 inches off the stroke. With the piston .2 inches lower at TDC and .2 inches higher at BDC. Will another .2 inch drop in piston height sufficently increase combustion chamber volume to lower the compression to 6:1?

I guess a 671 would be better on the street and since it won't be raced anyway... that would run better on the street but I'm like Tim Allen on Tool Time. MORE POWER!
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