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Here's one for the wizard.

The wrist pin on a 383 MEL is lower than the wrist pin on a 430 to make the piston go all the way to the top of the cylinder because the crank has a shorted stroke and the rods and blocks are the same.

This has to be or the 383 compression ratio would be very low if the piston didn't reach the top.

For the sake of arguement let's say the crank is 1/4" shorter and the wrist pin id 1/4" lower to raise the piston top back up to the head.

The 383 crank can be used in a 430 which should act like a 1/4" stroker kit. Rather than use 430 pistons which have a 1/4" higher wrist pin which would lower the piston top... what would the net result of a 430 with a 383 crank and 383 pistons be?

I'd guess the compression ratio would be 5 or 6 to 1...?

Now how about an 871 SUPERCHARGER?

Would this work? How many cubes would it add? What is the new compression ratio?

I think my bird would look great with the hood scoop off and sporting a blower.

Any math geniuses out there up to the task?
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